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Time is money, so let me get right to the point.

What:  Reduce your tax liability and save for your retirement.

Who:   Business owners like yourself?
When: Now

How: Adopt a retirement plan.

I deal in a variety of innovative retirement programs including pension, profit sharing ,401(k),412e, Cash Balance plans, offering you a wide variety of financial services. So, celebrate your success. Let me show you how to use money you are currently paying in taxes to help fund your retirement.

By joining with a long-term, experience retirement services provider, the Lafayette Life Insurance Company. I can offer you a local contract with a nationally known and respected company to support you. Learn how your additional tax credits will be beneficial by requesting a Pension Proposal.

CLICK HERE to go to my Contact Page to request a proposal. I will then contact you to determine the best time to begin. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can contact me at pcummins569@gmail.com  

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