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Patrick Hawk Cummins
Hawk Health Markets
3355 merrill rd
Aptos CA 95003

I entered the insurance industry 1985 as independent agent and have served and worked in all phases of financial insurance consultant industry. I have owned and sold 2 agencies; hired and recruited agents, increased volume in poor preforming marketing Ares.

My grandfather was a long time Palo Alto Resident and was an Executive in the upper management of the Southern Pacific Railroad, he retired after 49 years with the Railroad. My father emigrated from Ireland in 1921 and was part of the original Irish Republic Army; the Cummins family grew to 2 boys and one daughter.

My father started a furniture Moving business, Market Street Van and Storage. I joined the firm after 2 tours in Vietnam, in charge of the South East Asia Division. Father retired, sold the business 1980. I entered the insurance industry 1985  after doing Trans  Pacific Sailing Adventure in my sailboat Raising Moon with Michaela (wifie).


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